Dental Bonding

Dr. Slava in Nashua NH, provides dental bonding as a way to fill gaps between teeth and repair chipped teeth. 

  • Do you try to hide your smile?
  • Do you have unsightly gaps between front teeth?
  • Have you slightly chipped a tooth?
  • Do you have rough or jagged edges on front teeth?
  • Are your teeth dull or stained?

Many people are uncomfortable with their smile and therefore try to hide it. At times people put off sharing their concern with the dentist often out of fear, financial concerns, or they think it will take a long time to fix. Dr. Slava and Greenwood Dental offers many solutions with designed to best fit your lifestyle.

At Greenwood Dental we can help you overcome these problems comfortably and affordably by using a white, tooth-colored composite resin material. Dr Slava can repair damaged teeth to restore your smile quickly to it’s natural beauty.  This dental bonding material is applied to your teeth and shaped to cover or replace the problem area. We call it “dental bonding” because of the bond the composite makes with the surface of your tooth, much like a glue. Once shaped, Dr. Slava will harden the composite bonding with a painless, ultraviolet light.

Once the bonding is applied and shaped, this material allows you to have a natural, beautiful improvement in your smile.

Bonding is widely thought of as the most affordable way to repair or reshape your smile quickly. While bonding is initially less expensive than the popular alternative, porcelain veneers, as a long term solution it’s life expectancy is only several years before they will need to be replaced. For this reason, porcelain restorations are usually more cost-effective over the life of your smile.

Some alternatives would be porcelain laminates or crowns. These are an excellent, longer-lasting option.

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