Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening dentist in Nashua

Greenwood-Dental-whiteningDr. Slava provides state of the art teeth whitening so you can see a dramatic difference in your smile.

Greenwood Dental can dramatically whiten your smile. Do you have dull colored or stained teeth? We have several options from take home custom trays to accelerated whitening that can result in brighter, whiter teeth in just one office visit.

Modern teeth whitening systems are very effective and have fantastic results. If you’re unhappy with your smile often whitening your teeth can be the quickest way improve your appearance. Occasionally, teeth may be stained in a way that limits the effectiveness of teeth whitening. In those instances, porcelain laminates, or crowns, are an excellent alternative. Dr. Slava is happy to discuss what options would be right for you.

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Every member of the Greenwood Dental team has your comfort in mind. “The minute you walk through the door you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.”

Nashua, NH Dentist Dr. Slava Abdelrehim

Dr. Slava Abdelrehim

General Dentist In Nashua, NH

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Amanda Kurchevski Gonzaga

Patient Care Coordinator

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Amber MacAulay

Registered Dental Hygienist

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Pamela Wilkie

Financial & Schedule Coordinator

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Behnaz Zandbod

Registered Dental Hygienist

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