Dental Crowns In Nashua, NH

Nashua New Hampshire dentist, Dr. Slava offers dental crowns.

Crowns are most often used to protect and save badly decayed or fractured teeth.

Dental crowns (also called a cap) are incredibly strong restorations that cover the tooth to restore it to it’s original function, while protecting and strengthening the remaining tooth structure. Dr. Slava will design a crown to fit almost perfectly onto the prepared surface of the tooth, this helps keep decay from eventually occurring under the crown.

Nashua-Dentist-CrownCommon reasons for a dental crown:

  1. If a tooth is badly decayed
  2. If a tooth is fractured
  3. To protect and strengthen teeth

Not every fractured or decayed tooth can be crowned. Crowns should be placed before the tooth is so decayed that it may fracture beyond repair. Crowns can often help prevent the expense of root canal therapy in the future. Dental crowns can also prevent the possibility that a fractured tooth may need to be removed, requiring the expense of a bridge or implant to replace the missing tooth.

In the event that a tooth is beyond repair and needs to be removed, the best alternatives to a crown are bridges and implants that replace the missing tooth.

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